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We believe in common courtesy and politeness. Please be polite to other users, for a more enjoyable time for you and other chatters. Please do not flood the screen with your text and talk in excessive capital letters.

Safety First: Other chatters only know as much information as you give, so please do not give out personal information such as your full name, home address and telephone number while chatting.

The rules given below are confined only to Guests in main chat room. If the rules are violated our Admin or Moderator will kick without any warning. These rules are not applicable to private chat rooms.

  • You are NOT allowed to publish or post any of the Web Address (links).
  • You Cannot Drag the words. Ex: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii, Hellooooo.
  • Bad languages are not allowed.
  • Punctuations marking, Unicode font, and other language words cannot be used as NICK NAME especially bad nicks such as sex�. Are NOT permitted.
  • You can use ONLY Tamil and English languages.
  • Unicode font is NOT allowed in main/lobby.
  • Do not disturb main by continually posting the same message OR smiles
  • Please DO NOT send bad pictures in PRIVATE, if others send you bad pictures please IGNORE them by clicking their name
  • Give respect to all admins , mods, VIP’s and users..
  • Always ask mic in the main before u take..
  • Caps lock key cannot be used by users..Only admin/moderators are allowed to use.

If any complains or suggestions don't hesitate to contact admin.

[email protected]

Thanks & Regards

Tamil Power Chat Family